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What WordPress Theme Is That – Tools to Detect WordPress Themes

July 10th, 2017 by admin

It often happens that you are browsing the internet and come across some nicely designed websites. Since WordPress powers almost a third of all the websites, there is a good chance that the website is based on WordPress.

If that is the case, you can easily find out what theme that website is using. Several online tools allow you to detect the theme for free. Sure, you can find out the theme name by checking out the source code or using the inspect element feature. But these require some technical expertise.

On the other hand, WordPress theme detector tools don’t need any special skill. You just provide the website name, and they detect the theme for you, it’s that simple.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the best tools to detect WordPress themes.

  1. What Theme

What Theme offers a simple solution to find what theme a WordPress site uses. It is capable of detecting child themes too. Once you submit a website, it takes a few seconds to analyze and provide the result.

The tool will show the theme and author name, URL, and the version details of the theme. As an additional bonus, it will also tell what version of WordPress the site is using.

There is a top theme section that shows a list of the ten most popular WordPress themes detected by What Theme.

  1. WP Theme Detector

WP Theme Detector is another excellent solution for detecting the theme used on a WordPress site. The tool will detect if the website is using a child theme. It will offer the version number, provider, and distributor information for the theme.

The tool also detects the plugins used by the website. For each plugin, it will show the name, plugin type, along with a link to download the plugin.

WP Theme Detector keeps a list of the top themes, top plugins, and top providers, which offers some interesting insights about the commonly used themes and plugins.

  1. ScanWP

As you can guess from the name, this tool will scan a website and let you know what WordPress theme the site is using. Once the tool detects the theme, it will display the name, link, price, version number, author name, and link, tags, etc.

The tool shows a list of the plugins used by the website you just scanned. It will show the plugin name, price, link, etc. for the plugins. The ScanWP tool also shows a list of the top search result competitors for the site you scanned for.

  1. WP Sniffer

There are several Chrome extensions that enable you to find the active theme for WordPress sites. However, most of these extensions don’t work. WP Sniffer is a rare extension that can detect most WordPress themes.

Since this is an extension, you have to install this on your Chrome browser to detect the theme. Once you install the extension, you will notice a new icon in the extensions section.

Visit the site for which you want to detect the theme and click on the WP Sniffer icon. This will show a pop-up with the name and link to the WordPress theme.

  1. What WP Theme is That

What WP Theme is That used to be a good tool to detect WordPress themes. But these days, it has become a hit or miss. We tried several websites, and the tool couldn’t find the theme for most sites.

Surprisingly, the tool successfully detected the WordPress plugins used by the sites we tested. For each plugin, it will show the name, a short description along with a link to get the plugin. They also offer a handy list of the top 50 WordPress plugins detected by the tool.

  1. The SEO Tools WordPress Theme Detector

The SEO Tools also offers a theme detector tool for WordPress sites. The tool will provide the name, description, link, author name and home page link, theme type, version number, etc. It also shows the current WordPress version of the website.

Below, you will find a list of the plugins used on the website. For each plugin, you will find the name and a link to search for the plugin.

  1. Which WordPress Theme is It

This is another useful tool to help you detect the WordPress theme used by any website. However, unlike the other tools, this one doesn’t show detailed information about the theme. You will only find the theme name and the author name, that’s it.

The next section shows a list of the plugins used on the website. You will find the name and link for the plugins.

Final Words

Choosing a great theme is a critical step in creating a beautiful website. Now that you know which are the best tools to detect WordPress themes, you can easily browse your site and find out which themes they are using.

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Introducing SoftwareFindr – Our New Name and Platform

July 8th, 2017 by admin

Dear WPMultiverser’s,

Together we’ve redefined how people buy and find software to suit their business needs. The old way of searching Google for things such as the best WordPress social media plugin is broken. Why you may ask, because over the years I’ve personally seen the rise of new and old blogs capitalizing on these types of search queries. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this if done correctly. Which brings me to my point that these types of blog post are sometimes outsourced by a writer who has never used the plugin mentioned in the article.

Other webmasters promote the software that pays the highest commission. Even sites that don’t use affiliate links as flaws, often post titled like “50 best SEO WordPress plugins”. Do you think that author writing many similar posts for one site has tested them all?

So what exactly are these best-of roundups based on? The author’s opinion, experience with the software or other motives?

I’m thrilled to announce SoftwareFindr a neutral space for open conversations where you can review your favorite software and reshape our best of collection list by voting.


    • Being able to make faster software buying decision base on real business owners feedback.
    • Unbias best of collections voted on by you, not just the opinion of the author at the time.


    • Tired of getting outdated information, SoftwareFindr can solve that with daily updates.


    • A neutral space for open conversations where you can review your favorite software

We are still in beta mode and currently working on further improvements to our platform. If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As the name suggests we hope to help business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and even hobbyists make smarter and faster buying decision online.


We’ll continue to share our progress towards this vision, and look forward to aiding you to create more success for your business than ever before. I’m excited to step into the CEO position at SoftwareFindr, and I invite you to join in the conversation to read and review software. If you have feedback for us or have questions about our new platform, we’d love to hear from you at


Brian Harris
CEO, SoftwareFindr

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WordPress Hacked Fix – The Best Practices to Fix the Broken

April 28th, 2017 by admin

Setting up a website may have become easier these days, but it is still not that easy managing one. You need to maintain a frequency of everything and the most challenging part is to keep up the security part.

WordPress being the most popular platform for website development is prone to hundreds of different security attacks. The developers behind are releasing security releases, but they will never be able to reach a 100% efficiency.

The security case is not just with WordPress. Anything on the web needs to be protected continuously and certain security measures should be in action all the time.

So, let’s face it! The WordPress blog or website you manage needs to be secured. There are certain measures you can take and keep things away from falling into the wrong hands.

WordPress Hacked Fix – Measures

I’m calling them WordPress hacked fix and here is everything you should learn about it.

# Backup

backup-websiteEven Batman needs backup from time to time, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed of using this strategy. At least, in the case of a WordPress website, using a backup solution is not that tough!

From day one, it is mandatory to keep a backup plugin installed and active. It should be configured to take regular backups of the complete website (depending on the frequency of the posts) and store them on other servers like Dropbox or Google Drive.

At the time when your website is hacked, you or the webmaster can easily restore it to the last stable version using the backup files.

So, the first and best way are restoring the website using the backup.

# Password

strong-passwordThe moment your website is out from the hacked zone, changing the password is the first and very important thing to do. You can even reset the security keys used by the WordPress and paste the new ones into the wp-config.php file.

In most of the security attacks, a weak password is a gateway. So, from day one, either use a tough password or use solutions like LastPass.

It is important to keep only one Admin profile on the blog and keep contributor profiles to author level only.

So, the second thing to do is to change all the passwords and change the security keys.

# Hosting

secure-hostingThe hosting company you’re trusting to host your WordPress website is the key factor to most of the things. The company should be professional in what they offer and they should have a decent profile, at least.

It is mandatory to pick a known host, even if you’re paying more. A good host has a dedicated team which is working 24/7 to keep the servers secure from the breach.

Once the servers are kept secure, you can have peace of mind!

Most of the good hosts I’ve worked so far are even taking regular backups of everything on your website. Their backup files have helped me to restore my website in past.

If the blog you own is a normal or personal one, then going with Shared hosting is a good option. But, if your business depends on the same, then I’ll recommend going with the Managed WordPress plans.

Bottom line, the quality and professional profile of the host you pick is very important. Just check their reviews before making a decision!

The third thing to do is to change the host, if it’s not that good, or ask them to look into the matter. They will definitely upgrade their tactics.

# Theme and Plugins

theme-and-pluginsIn a fresh WordPress install, theme and plugins inject functionalities in order to achieve a particular solution. So, these two gateways can even be used to inject malicious codes.

These two are one of the favourite gateways used by attackers. So, you need to ensure that the theme and plugin files are downloaded from authentic sources.

If everything is looking fine, then I’ll suggest you check the code behind theme and plugins installed.

There are services like WordFence, Sucuri, and few more, which offers complete checkup of everything on the server. They will not only find the cause but will even fix it.

# File Permission

file-permissionFile Permission is an element that handles the visibility of the Files and Folders. You can change it using the File Manager tool, and ensure that the Folders and Files are only accessible by authentic users.

A good host always takes care of this element, but you should still check it. As per the standards set by WordPress developers, Folders should be set to 755 and Files to 644 code.

# Security Tools

security-pluginsAs I recently mentioned, there are tools like Sucuri, WordFence which can take care of the security part. There are some free security plugins available too, but I’ll suggest you opt for the premium ones.

The free tools might fail to deliver the service, but if that happens with a premium plugin, you can, at least, have a word with the developers behind.

Yes, there have been cases when the security plugins have been causing some issues with the overall functionality and health. So, it will be a wise decision to invest some money and opt for a premium plugin.

# Professional Help

wordpress-helpIf none of these things is helping and the website seems beyond from saving, then it is high time you take a professional help. You can hire a WordPress security professional and let him/her bring back the website into the safe zone. One recommendation would be FixMyWP a company that provides WordPress Hacked Fixes.

Final Words

Using a good host, and keeping strong passwords in use, can keep a WordPress website safe from 90% of the attacks. However, there is no guarantee that any of these methods will work, as things depend on the case and how worst damage is.

In the worst case scenario, my last tip, taking professional help, is the best thing to follow.


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How to Use WordPress for Dummies

April 26th, 2017 by admin

So, you have installed WordPress on your server, and everything looks good. But how do you use WordPress?

To start using WordPress, you need to log into the admin section of your website. This section includes all the features and options to manage the website. Go to this address to access the admin area –

Obviously, you need to change with your domain name. Provide the username, password, and click “Log In.” This will take you to a page like this –

This is your dashboard. You will perform all the website management tasks from the dashboard. Let’s get started with the posts.

Managing the Posts

Publishing new posts is the most performed task on any WordPress blog. To publish a new post, go to Posts > Add New. The page looks like the following –

As you can see, the layout is divided into two columns. The left column is for providing the title and main content of the post. There are lots of formatting options for the content. You can apply various styles like bold, italic, strike-through, bullet or numbered lists, alignment, indenting, quote, etc. It is also possible to set up various heading tags and add links to your content.

You can add images by clicking the “Add Media” button. I will discuss more about uploading images shortly. Once the media files are uploaded, you can add these to your post. You will find separate options to define the title, caption, alt, description, alignment, link, and size of the image.

The right column enables you to set up other necessary options for the post. In the “Publish” section, you can save the post as a draft, check out the preview, or publish the post.

You can choose the post type in the “Format” section. In “Categories,” you can choose the category for the post. It is also possible to create a new category from there. The next section is for assigning tags to the post.

Lastly, the “Featured Image” is for setting up an image that will be displayed along with the post on the blog, archive, and other places.

You will find a list of all the posts at Posts > All Posts. From that page, you can edit, view, or delete the posts on your website.

Dealing with the Pages

WordPress pages work in almost the similar way as the posts. To add a new page, you have to go to Pages > Add New. The interface looks almost identical to adding a new post.

The left column is for the title and content. You will find all the formatting and media options like adding a new post. On the right column, you will find the familiar publish and featured image sections.

Handling Media Files

WordPress comes with simple ways to upload and manage media files. To upload a new media file, go to Media > Add New. On the resulting page, click the “Select Files” button, and choose your desired files.

You can find all the media files at the Media > Library page. It is possible to view, edit, or delete any image from the media library. You will also find detailed information and separate fields for setting up the title, caption, alt, description, etc. for each image.

Managing the Comments

As your website grows, you will get more visitors, and some of them will leave comments. Click the “Comments” menu to check out all the comments. The comments are divided into separate types like the pending, approved, spam, and trash.

For each comment, you can check out the commenter name, email address, URL, the relevant post, date, time, and the comment itself. You will also find separate links to reply, edit, trash, or mark the comment as spam.

Setting up the Menu

You need to set up at least one navigation menu for your website. You can do that from the Appearance > Menus page. This takes you to a page like the following –

Click the “create a new menu” link, and provide a name for the menu. Next, you need to add menu items to the menu. You can add any of your posts, pages, categories, or any custom link to the menu. Make sure that you are choosing the desired location for the menu.

Lastly, click the “Save Menu” button to save the changes.

Managing Themes

The wide availability of themes is a notable feature of WordPress. You can use a theme to create the basic structure of your website with a few clicks.

WordPress comes with a few default themes. Feel free to check out these themes in the Appearance > Themes page. The currently activated theme will be specially highlighted. You can activate any other theme you want. To do that, hover over the theme, and click the “Activate” button.

You can add new themes too. If you want to install any of the free themes available in the WordPress theme directory, click the “Add New” button. The next page will show a list of the featured themes. There is a search field to help you find the desired theme. Once you have found the theme, hover over the theme and click “Install.”

It is also possible to install themes from other sources. To do that, click the “Upload Theme” button and upload the zip file of the theme. Once the theme is uploaded, install and activate it by following the same steps described above.

Using Plugins

Plugins make it very simple to add new features and improve the performance of your website. Every new WordPress installation comes with a few default plugins. You can activate, deactivate, or delete the plugins depending on your requirements.

Click the “Add New” button to add a new plugin. You can install any of the free plugins available at the official plugin directory, or upload a third-party plugin. The upload process is the same as uploading a new theme.

Handling the Users

Do you remember that you created a new user when installing WordPress? You will find that user and all the other users you create in the future in the Users > All Users page. The page will display the name, username, email address, role, and the number of posts for each user.

To create a new user, go to Users > Add New. The page looks like the following –

You will find separate fields for providing the username, email address, website, first and last name, password, and defining the user role. After you have provided the necessary information, click the “Add New User” button.

Setting Up Your Website

As you can guess, the “Setting” menu includes all the settings options for your website. In the “General Settings” page, you can define the website title, tagline, admin email address, timezone, time and date formats.

“Reading” is another important settings page. In this page, you can choose how the front page is displayed. You can choose to show the latest posts on the homepage, or set separate pages for the front and blog pages. There’s another option for defining how many posts should be displayed on the blog page.

Lastly, the “Permalinks” page enables you to choose the default URL structure for your content.

Final Words

And that’s how you use WordPress on a day-to-day basis. It may seem a lot for beginners, but give it some time, and you will get used to all these steps. After all, these are only the basics of WordPress. You can do a lot more with this powerful website creation platform.

So, did this article help you understand the basics of WordPress? Are you confident about using WordPress now? Let me know in the comments.

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7+ Envato Free Files of the Month

April 10th, 2017 by admin

If you never bought a WordPress theme or plugin, it’s very likely that you familiar with the well-known Envato Marketplace.

Comprising of ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, Videohive, Audiojungle, Graphicriver, Photodune, 3D Ocean.

Every month each of the individual marketplaces gives you and item from the marketplace for free available to download free for that current month.

Every month there’s something different on offer so I thought it’d be cool curate all the free items on offer in one place for your convenience. If you bookmark this page every month, we will update it with the latest item an offer from the individual Market Place available for you to download for free for that month. It’s a great opportunity to grab a fantastic bargain at 100% off the original price. Also be sure to subscribe to a mailing list as it will give you guys a heads up at the start of every month to let you know when you’re free items are available.

Without further ado let’s have a look at this April Envato free files.

ThemeForest Free Templates

This is a templates marketplace in which you can download WordPress themes, HTML templates, Email templates and other CRM templates. If you’re thinking of creating a website, then you’re bound to find something in ThemeForest to suit your needs whether that’s a sales page template, WordPress theme or any other marketing materials you may want or need ThemeForest the place to go.

PineCone – Creative Portfolio and Blog for Agency


Ecobox – Responsive WordPress Theme


Aresivel – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme


Polishop – Responsive eCommerce Html Template


Grotte – A Dedicated WooCommerce Theme

grotte-woocommerce-themeDEMO & DOWNLOAD

Off the Shelf

off-the-shelf-landing-pageDEMO & DOWNLOAD


Venedor Magento Theme


Master – One Page HTML 5 Portfolio Template

Master One Page HTML 5 Portfolio Template


Sree – Responsive Coming Soon Template

Sree Responsive Coming Soon Template

This is a coming soon template perfect for those that hasn’t launched and wanting to collect visitors emails. You get over 18 different ready-made demos allowing you to customize your coming soon page to suit your brand identity. You also get over eight different color scheme to make customized invoice templates you. If you’d like your users to be able to contact you straight from your coming soon page you can enable to the contact form for a better user experience. It is well documented so if you should ever get stuck, there’s an in-depth documentation to help you out. Further customization
option includes been able to set up a slideshow, color gradient, animation effect and auto responding contact form.


Audiojungle Free Sound

Audiojungle, as the name suggests, is the MarketPlace which provides you with all your music and sound needs. If you’re looking for sound effects, music packs or even sound kits when it’s very likely that you’ll find something to suit your needs on audio jungle. It allows you to preview for sound in which your consider purchasing.

Inspirational Piano


Upbeat Corporate Motivational Inspiring Uplifting


Corporate Ukulele


Beautiful Ambient Atmosphere

beautiful-ambient-atmosphereDEMO & DOWNLOAD

Funny Positive

funny-positive-by-ane_novakDEMO & DOWNLOAD

The House



Put the Good Stuff In

Put the Good Stuff Sound


Dark Cinematic

Dark Cinematic Music by AurusAudio


Noir Jazz

Noir Jazz Music AudioJungle
It’s a 50s style sound effect which has an excellent jazz feel to it. Almost impossible to describe but I add you to go and check it out it’s free after all.


Videohive Free Video File

Videohive is a marketplace in which you can download stock video footage, logo sting, openers and other video displays. Anything video related can most likely to be found at Videohive.

Haunted Horror Titles Project


Clean Movie Title


Squared – Slideshow


Density Titles

density-titles-videohiveDEMO & DOWNLOAD

Modern Titles 2

modern-titles-2-by-joeproductionDEMO & DOWNLOAD

3D Simple Transitions Pack

3d-simple-transitions-packDEMO & DOWNLOAD

15 Designer Samples (Pack)

15 Designer Samples pack


Minimal Lower Thirds

Minimal Lower Thirds


Elegant Mosaic Opener

Elegant Mosaic Opener VideoHive

A user guide is included in to help you get up and running with over 25 different placeholders you’re bound to find something to incorporate in your video presentation. No external plug-in is needed, and it’s also available in full HD.


Graphicriver Free File

Graphicriver allows you to purchase vectors, graphics, infographics, icons, fonts, logos and other web elements such as menu item slider boxes and much more. The price on this marketplace is relatively cheap and affordable compared to if you were to hire a freelance graphic designer or web designer.

Modern car


Flyer Poster Mockup


Book / Catalog Mock-Ups Landscape


10 Text Style Effects for Game Logo #01

10-text-style-effects-for-game-logoDEMO & DOWNLOAD

20 Minimal Vector Devices

20-minimal-vector-devicesDEMO & DOWNLOAD

550 Multimedia Buttons

550 Multimedia Buttons by RoyVelvet


Human Ashes Photoshop Action

Human Ashes Photoshop Action


15 Realistic Logo Mock-Ups

15 Realistic Logo Mock Ups Vol.1 GraphicRiver
Over 15 realistic logo design in a real-life environment such as a building wallpaper and more textures.


3d Ocean Free Files

3d Ocean offers users 3d models of different models, cars, animals and a lot more.

Diamond 3d Model Set


Lowpoly Earth


sea on sunset

sea on sunset Stock Photo


Low Poly World Map

Low Poly World Map 3D Models 3DOcean
A cartoon style low poly flat map of the world for extremely fast rendering and 3D ready.



CodeCanyon allows users to purchase PHP scripts WordPress plugins HTML5 script and other code. With Almost eighteen thousand different code scripts there’s something from us every single idea you may have such as a sharing script, With approximately 18000 different code scripts there’s something for every single idea you may have it such as a sharing script, responsive slider, Chat scripts and a lot more.

Creative Gallery Manager


TileBox – Modern Responsive LightBox CSS


82 Live Chat


Premium Quotes PHP Script

premium-quotes-php-scriptDEMO & DOWNLOAD

PageLoader: A pre-loader with content slide-in

pageloader-content-slide-pluginDEMO & DOWNLOAD


buzzybuzzDEMO & DOWNLOAD

Z Menu Maker – Drop Down and Mega Menu

Z Menu Maker


WCBox – Product Slider Plugin For Woocommerce

WCBox Product Slider Plugin For Woocommerce


YouTube Automated CMS

YouTube Automated CMS CodeCanyon

This plug-in allows you to create a YouTubr replica to import videos from YouTube. It lets users search videos directly from your website. Adsense placement included helping you increase your advertisement revenue. There’s cutting edge features include lazy load to improve your page loading speed. The control panel is user-friendly and easy to navigate if you ever get stuck there’s an in-depth documentation to help you out.


Photodune Free Photos

Photodune provides users wit royalty free photographs across a broad category field from food, business, health, travel and other areas. You can purchase a stock photo for as little as $1 with thousands of options to choose from.

leader of marathon young athlete runner


Eye Glasses


Tea kettle

tea-kettle-stock-photoDEMO & DOWNLOAD

Salmon glacier

salmon-glacier-stock-photoDEMO & DOWNLOAD

Country road by springtime

Countryroad Stock Photo PhotoDune
As the name suggest a picture perfect country road, waiting for you to unleash your creativity.


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