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WP Gorilla – More Free Premium Themes?

May 12th, 2009 by admin

WPGorilla LogoI was hanging out on the WordPress Tavern Forum in the ChatBox, where I heard about a new “free premium” theme site called WP Gorilla coming soon. Yes, I know the term “free premium” and even “freemium” are not exactly new terms, but here’s what intrigued me about this project.

  • It’s designed to be run in a collaborative fashion.
  • The themes (which you can see on this Flickr page) look absolutely stunning.
  • The themes are completely free, open source, all that jazz.
  • It’s caught the attention of Matt (in a good way).

One problem that I can foresee in the future is how they would make money. Jeremie of Web-kreation, who appears to be leading this project has stated in the comments of the announcement post:

My goal is really to make this project opensource and I would rather avoid to ask money from our users but if this project grow too fast or too big for us to maintain, we might have no choice but to offer paid support.

I would imagine this would be kind of like the “enterprise” support Automattic offers for WordPress users, although people could still seek help in the public forums.

So what do you think of this project? If it takes off, do you think it can compete with the likes of paid WordPress theme sites such as WooThemes, iThemes, etc.? Will you be contributing to it?

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