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WordPress Tutorial – How to Activate a New WordPress Theme

May 17th, 2009 by admin

This Intermediate-level WordPress tutorial shows how to change your theme when your site is hosted on It also shows you how to find a new theme on a site like, download it to your computer, unzip and upload it to the wp-content – themes folder on your web hosting server, and activate it using Dashboard – Presentation. If you need help with using FTP software (required for this tutorial) just send me a comment.

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14 Responses

  1. Liezzz

    i can’t activate some themes, the ones I like the most, he stuck en then there is no activation button..

  2. TheInfoExpert

    I’ve learned A LOT from your videos, thank you for taking the time to do these. Ok, this has been driving me absolutely crazy and maybe you know the answer – I need the very simplest of themes, just an empty box – that’s it. No nav. buttons, nothing, zip.. and I can’t find it anywhere. I don’t really want to learn how to create themes unless thats my only option – any suggestions? It just has to look clean, I can adjust background color.

  3. DocterMisterYo

    thanks a bunch

  4. myqute

    Hey McBuzz – great tut there! Thought I’d share mine with you as I am sure your readers may want to know of this free software (no, I am not paid for sharing this software). I just happen to have a wordpress blog.

  5. mcbuzzvideo

    Hi Unique,
    In WordPress version 2.3 and earlier, the Theme option is located under the “Presentation” tab. In tutorial about how to change a theme, this is what you see. My tutorial was done when v 2.3 was current.

    However, in earlier this year, WordPress version 2.5 was released. In this new version of WordPress, there is no longer a “Presentation” tab. Instead, it’s called the “Design” tab. If you click on the “Design” tab, you will see the Themes option, where you can select a new theme.

  6. UniqueRnB

    um….i have been working on my website for the past 3 days. People keep telling me to click the “presentations” button buthow do and get there (where can i find it). its so confusing. i want to make my own theme as well…..n e advice

  7. fierced1989

    Then you don’t have to pay to change the theme? well I just don’t know how you uploaded the theme, i think you already had a window opened when you dragged the files to that window. where do i find that window?

  8. mcbuzzvideo

    No. You can always change your theme. What happens when you try to follow the tutorial?

  9. fierced1989

    do you have to upgrade your account to change the theme? cause i’ve been trying to do this sinceeeeeeeee………….

  10. mcbuzzvideo

    U R Welcome, fizdosani! -Mark McLaren

  11. fizdosani

    thanks mark, it help me alot !
    thanks for info

  12. mcbuzzvideo

    Cool. My pleasure. Let me know what other topics you would like to know about. I need some ideas.

  13. goldengossip

    Great Tutorial help me a lot .
    Thanks dude rly:)

  14. mcbuzzvideo

    FTP software is required for this tutorial. If you need help with FTP software, just send me a comment. -Mark McLaren

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