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Watch me build a Responsive WordPress site from scratch! – Video One

November 4th, 2013 by admin

More videos like this at – In this video, I’m going to work without a net! Watch as I convert an out of the box new WordPress site into a g…

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25 Responses

  1. LabSecrets

    Sometimes you have to use “!important” to force an? override on the parent theme css.

  2. LabSecrets

    That is a firefox? extension 😉

  3. brovin10

    Hi Spence, thanks for the? video. Appreciate your efforts this video has opened up a lot of doors for me with my web design. Can I ask you how you got the tab in the right hand side of your window that shows the height and width of your browser when you drag it closed or open it wider. Grateful if you could let me know. Cheers and thanks again.

  4. Jeremy Woods

    Nice Video!?

  5. Jeremy Woods

    The issue with the footer width at 35-36 minutes was having width:100% and? padding which adds together to make the footer wider than 100%

  6. sohamsucks

    Hello Spencer!
    For some reason my wordpress is ignoring the header changes that you showed. I tried to repeat and see if there’s a change, but I can only see it working on my firebug, rather than on my actual site.

    Can you shed some light and explain? what it is that i should do differently?

  7. LabSecrets

    Search in our video? library here.. 😉

  8. LabSecrets

    Gaurav… I thank you, but for your sake…hope that you? find someone better to sleep with 😉

  9. Gaurav Henry

    Thanks a lot Spence!! It? was incredible! Better than sex!

  10. LabSecrets

    Hi General,
    bundle is at? /? pricing or you can get the theme when you join our freelance webdesigner bootcamp at

  11. LabSecrets

    Thanks? Damian! 😉

  12. LabSecrets

    It would depend on whether the leading div? has the “display:block” attribute… as well as the position:relative or :absolute. These all work together in “mysterious ways” to quote the U2 song 😉

  13. LabSecrets

    Hi Jeremy,
    bundle is at / pricing or you can get? the theme when you join our freelance webdesigner bootcamp at

  14. Jeremy Arimado

    Where can i? find responsive-labzip child theme?

  15. wukwooki

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. The? perfect bridging tutorial from beginner html to wordpress magic! I have a real hard time understanding the “overflow:hidden” section on the header though. If the overflow is not hidden shouldn’t the div border push into/reveal itself in the browser frame?

  16. Damian Baker

    Hi Spence,
    I? thoroughly enjoyed the video. You can never talk too much in my opinion. 🙂
    Presented perfectly – keep up the good work. Subscribing!!! Damian
    CSS? & JavaScript Toolbox – a WordPress Plugin for Scripts

  17. GeneralDolphin

    where do I get? the child theme?

  18. LabSecrets

    Cheers!? Chinedu

  19. LabSecrets

    You and my ex-wife seem to have the? same feelings… lol

  20. LabSecrets

    Thanks Marvin!?

  21. LabSecrets

    check? out labzip dot com/videos or our new 1wd dot tv freelancer site for more!

  22. LabSecrets

    not sure which one you mean? check our? video library here, or at labzip dot com/videos

  23. LabSecrets

    You should try to use percentages instead of fixed pixel or em widths when building responsive sites… that way everything is “relative”?

  24. LabSecrets

    You can add links when you embed the images, using the default media handling capabilities of the WP? post and page editors…

  25. Manny S

    How can make my business photos have clickable links on them? a easy way?

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